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Invasion of the Killer Scarves
The satirical and ridiculous
"Film-Within-a-Film" from "Inspiration".

Not Far Enough From The Tree
Our most recent short...

11/6/2006 -

Please note that most of my videos excerpts are now on my Youtube page...

And please, if you like them, give them good ratings! A couple of the films have rather "low" ratings right now which I think is unwarranted as they aren't THAT bad... I'm guessing they just weren't what people were expecting...

8/1/2006 -

Our new short video, "Not Far Enough From the Tree" will be showing as part of the The Los Angeles International Festival of Short Films!

Directed & Edited by John Akin, Jr.
Written & Produced by Rebecca Marlow & John Akin, Jr.
Cast: Rebecca Marlow, Marianne Bennett
Director of Photography: Jason Wilbur

Screening information: Program #24: LA Filmmaker's Showcase
Thursday, Sept 7, 5:15 PM (sharp-it’s first in the 90 minute program)

ArcLight Cinemas – 6360 W Sunset Blvd. (West of Vine St.) Advance tickets can be purchased for $10 each through the ArcLight web site or box office beginning one week before the festival. (The festival starts Sept. 5, so tickets should be available August 29)

11/15/2005 -

A couple of updates: Five Years in New York is now available on professionally reproduced CD! Buy both here and through CD Baby. I've also started working on some new demos. I hope to post them soon...

I now have two myspace.com accounts: (one for personal posts, one for musica> info)...

1/30/2005 -

Whew, it's been a while since I made an announcement... Happy New Year, everyone! I'm in the process of some re-mixing for the Five Years album in preparation to actually get it printed on CD (rather than CD-R).

Also, I can now make DVD-R's of my films "Jump Blues" and "Inspiration". If your VHS copy is worn out, you can order a copy today! ($20 for public, $10 for cast/crew)

9/17/2003 -

Thanks to everyone who came to my show at 14 Below.

9/8/2003 -

Announcing Naked Pilgrim.com 3.0! I'm still working out the bugs in the new design, then I'll revamp some of the individual sections... Please let me know what you think and if you find any bugs!

7/1/2003 -

Thanks to everyone who came to my show at The Derby!

1/2003 -

"Five Years In New York" is Done!!!" after an additional year in Austin and two and a half in LA... Download MP3's of the final masters above. (They sound great! Professionally mixed and mastered!) Better yet, order your CDR copy today!

11/2002 -

Jump Blues was shown at West Fest video festival in Alpine, TX, where it won "Best of Show!"

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