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About Inspiration

Inspiration was John Akin's first film, completed as part of the MFA film program at Columbia University. It was shot in New York City in the fall of 1996 and was completed in the spring of 1998.

At it's premiere screening at the 1998 Ralph Lauren New Works Film Festival, it received a strong ovation. Read John's story leading up to the screening...

The film was shot on 16mm color and black and white and runs approximately 22 minutes. You can order VHS tapes with both Inspiration and Jump Blues for $20 each + shipping.

Writen, Directed and Edited by
John Akin, Jr.
Produced by
Christina Biddle and John Akin
Director of Photography
Alec Jarnagin
Production Design
James Patrick Stotereaux
Production Manager
Christina Biddle
Gwen Rivers
Allyson Stevenson
Bob Hill/Police Chief
John Knox
Charles/Dr. Hortichoke
Scott Thomson
Adam Ernster
H. David Steinberg
Susan Sheridan
Detective Dick Smith
Europe Harmon III
Detective Fred MacConnell
Ryan Gibson

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