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Inspiration Story

Self-expression, art, entertainment, spectacle. Movies are many things to many people...

Gwen Rivers isn't the most accomplished film student. She's only made one "short" film. She hasn't finished a single "feature" script. She doesn't know much about classic film literature--

...hell she hasn't even seen Citizen Kane.

So when a Big Hollywood Producer sees her film as evidence of a new, great, fresh, and--above all--exploitable creative source, she is not quite sure what to do.

"Inspiration" explores the relationship between the creative process and opportunity. Who wants to be in the right place at the wrong time? Can artists create on demand? Will Gwen give up her budding film career to become a plumber?

At times absurd, at times uncomfortably real, Inspiration explores the struggles and neuroses of a young woman hoping to assert her identity while playing the ultimate in expensive, competitive, low odds lottery games--filmmaking.




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