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About "Jump Blues"

Jump Blues was John Akin's thesis film for the MFA film program at Columbia University. Inspired by Meghan William's experiences with the Austin swing scene, the production tapped into the tight Texas swing community when it was at it's peak in the winter of 1999. The film features dancers from around the state as well as three Austin swing bands: The Merchants of Venus, Seth Walker and The Jive Bombers.

The film was shot on 16mm color and runs approximately 27 minutes (including credits). Video tapes are now available for $20 each + shipping. Be sure to checkout the stills and video clips!

Writen and Produced by
  Meghan Williams and John Akin
Directed and Edited by
  John Akin
Director of Photography
  Alec Jarnagin
Costume Design
  Julie Balderrama
Art Direction
  Jeanette Scott and Aldo Valdes Bohm
Production Manager
  Andrew Allaway
  Meghan WIlliams
  Martin Knapick
  Kregg Foote
  Denia Ridley
  Trey Albright
  Travis Weller
  Jennifer Watts

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