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Pictures were taken by Jeanette Wilbur, Paul Deaton and Jendra Robinson.
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Carter and D (Meghan Williams and Martin Knapik) The Poodle Dog Lounge (No, it's not really a swing club...)
The Merchants of Venus
Merchants and Dancers
The Merchants of Venus - 2

Carter and D dancing to the Merchants
Dancers waiting...
D has his focus checked by 2nd AD Nevie Owens Grace (Leslie Martin) dances with Franny (Denia Ridley)
Carter and D do a Lampost

Rob (Kregg Foote) watches the action Director John Akin checks frame... The Seth Walker Band takes the stage 1st AC Brian Wengrafsky slates for Gaffer/Camera Op., Jendra Robinson
Seth Walker and Dancers

Dancer Heather Jernagin sponges off Jerry Randall after a dance Just a hat and a table... Best boy Grip Thomas Griffin watches from the booth... Carter gets ready for an evening out...
Carter and D practicing...

Go to page two for more pictures, including the Jive Bombers and more dancers...


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