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Cameras with Brian (AC) and Alec (DP) Where have you been? Julie (Jennifer Atkinson) and Grace
Thomas Griffin asks, "You like Jelly?"

The Jive Bombers take the stage... Carter and D dance near Scott (Travis Weller) and Marla (Jennifer Watts)
In between shots...
The Jive Bombers
Carter and D...

A wide shot... After doing "the big move"... Kip (Trey Albright) and Rob relax in between scenes Also in between scenes...
D and Grace keep warm during the night shoot

Buddy (Thomas Griffin's alter ego) and Velma (AKA Costume Designer Julie Balderrama) Director of Photography, Alec Jarnagin Chaos--in a good way... John and Meghan at wrap. Key Grip Paul Deaton and Martin are in the background...
The cast and crew enjoy a shot on our hosts, The Atomic Cafe.

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