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Jason Wilbur - My cousin, Jason, is an excellent photographer and took the pictures for "Five Years in New York". He also shot "Not Far Enough From The Tree"...

Mary Potts - Mary and I have been pen/email pals now for something like 15 years... She now lives in NYC. This is her portfolio web site...

Floating Camera - Alec and Jendra's website... This amazing duo were the Director of Photography and gaffer for my films, Inspiration and Jump Blues...

Azzizz Theater, Inc. - I collaborated with Bob Bellamy and Azzizz on three projects to date (listed in the Music section).
Fay Gauthier - Fay is a great singer-songwriter, actor and writer and one of my best friends here in Los Angeles. Fay just finished her first full-length CD and would love your support!
Vivalavulva.org - An eclectic and collaborative performance group Meghan co-founded with several friends (including Julie Balderrama, April Gibson and Natalie Stanco) at one point they had groups in Austin, Chicago and San Antonio.

Rebecca Lynch - The adorable Rebecca Lynch was the co-writer and co-producer and played Jane in our recent video "Not Far Enough From The Tree".

Marianne Bennett - A wonderful actress, writer and swing dancer as well, Marianne played the irresponsible Carmen in "Not Far Enough From The Tree" (link to come...)
boy genius

Paul Cater Deaton - Paul was the Key Grip on Jump Blues and is a darn cool guy. This is his underwater production company. A few years ago he moved to St. Thomas to run a Carribean TV Station!

Melody Shoenfeld - Another singer-songwriter and friend in LA, Melody and I worked together on some songs summer of 2004... She's a personal trainer in the Pasadena area and sings in hard rock cover bands!
Alissa Moreno
Alissa Moreno - My voice teacher when she lived in LA, Alissa is an immensely talented singer-songwriter with a soul-baring, introspective style whose songs are getting picked for TV placements with increased regularity... She also recently co-wrote a #2 country hit called "Every Day" for Rascal Flatts! She relocated to Nashville and continues to make music...

Are you a Naked Pilgrim? Have you worked with John and/or Meghan in the past and want to be listed on this page? Shoot John an email with your URL and story...

And for a change of pace, here's some randomness...


John's Pretentious Page...

This is my old web site, from back in the days of Netscape 1.0... Before frames, Javascript or Dreamweaver, when I did everything in Unix Emacs... Oh the nostalgia...

Albert Einstein

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, unfortunately, sometimes it happens even when we have the best of intentions... I wrote this article as a "prop" college paper for "Inspiration" and found that it stands up as some quite humorous reading...


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