John Akin at a Glance

Born at the ripe young age of 0, on January 14, 1971, John Hudson Akin, Jr. rose from the depths of anonymity with his first publication, which has yet to be written.

Educated in the Round Rock School District, near Austin Texas, he was most profoundly affected by the experience of being cut, when he was a Junior, from the position of goal keeper on the Junior Varsity soccer team when the only other goal keeper trying out for JV was a SENIOR.

Forever scarred, he was determined to wreak vengeance against the system, and he has since plotted the overthrow of the Neighborhood of Makebelieve, and was nearly successful. He was poised to deal the death blow to King Friday, who suddenly said "Mr. Akin, I presume." John automatically responded "Correct as usual King Friday," and in the ensuing moment of hesitation, the puppet king called forth Lady Elaine to banish Mr. Akin forever from the neighborhood. Unable to resist her spell, John wandered in the ethereal plane until finally returning to the world of man at a little known liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas.

At Southwestern University, he put his past behind him, and in five years graduated with three majors and a minor, still tormented by his travels to the neighborhood. Somehow, those songs like "It's You I Like", "You've Got To Do It" and "The Tomato-Can Opera" drove him further in his maddening quest to transcend human experience and discover inanimate states of mind.

Now he has moved to New York, because Columbia University was the only grad school, out of twelve, to accept him (yet another highly traumatic experience) . But it's a large program, and Mr. Akin likes keeping a low profile (and he has thus far been successful).

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