People worry and get upset over the most useless, silly things. They should all just chill.

Like the other day, I saw this guy kill seven pigeons just because they flew into his apartment, stole his cummerbund, and pecked out all the nipples in his Porno Magazines.

Pigeons are people, too, just like Aardvarks, turtles, and Pat Robertson* and they should be treated with respect. We all should be treated with respect, especially by ourselves. It's true that 100% of all suicides in the US last year were commited by the victim, and if in just one of those cases the killer had thought more respectfully about the victim, this would not be the case.

Thank you and have a nice day, dung breath. And don't forget to brush your teeth.

* -- although there is little scientific proof to back up the latter's humanity he is, indisputably, a person, which is rather sobering, but this country is going to dissolve into civil war between the Fascists and the rest of us soon anyway, so we should just sit back, watch it on the TV and, most of all, CHILL...

Go back to whence I came!!!.