The Ghosts Page

I don't believe in ghosts, but I know some people who do. They are idiots.

I also don't believe in witchcraft, but I know some people who do. They are also idiots.

I knew some other people who seemed mostly normal, but it turned out that they believed they were telekinetic. They are also idiots, but they fooled me at first.

I believed in the tooth fairy until I got this parking permit thingy instead of a Quarter, then I knew it was really Dad. I really didn't believe in the tooth fairy before then, anyway.

My sister Erin wrote a note to the tooth fairy saying that her best friend got $5 for a tooth and she wanted that much herself. I don't know if she got it, but I only got a quarter for each tooth, and even with inflation, I don't think that her getting a dollar would be fair. Her friend must have been a spoiled brat.

I also believed in love at first sight, but then I actually met her and she was married.

I believe that we are all entiltled to our beliefs, but since most of us are idiots, we might as well stop believing and turn on the Television instead, which does the believing for us, and the TV is alwaysright, and almost as insightful as the radio.

Installment, May 26, 1996

Friday I went to a friend's party. At it was a guy who was a member of the "Temple of Set" (an Ancient Egyptian god*). He showed me his membership card, which had glittery pentagrams and designs on it; the back said "Valid through March 1995".

Turns out he was raised Catholic, then he started to read Plato and Nietzsche. He became dissatisfied with his religion. He then began to study Eastern religions. He then read the Satanic Bible, "on a dare". He then did some research on the Internet and found out about a group of Satanist-types called the "Temple of Set."

He said that his belief allowed him to manipulate reality "in little ways", and he was a disciple of the second degree or some such (at least was, while he was paying his dues). He also believed in the "Norse Pagan Gods", but not really. He said that he believed in their principles but that they didn't really exist. I wonder if he beleives that if he dies in battle he will live in Valhalla for all eternity. He didn't look like the rape and pillage type. More like the needs some positive role models, a hobby and a real life type.

I am curious as to how one can be part of a Satanist organization, named after an Egyptian god when one claims to really believe in the Norse gods, but not really.

I am also curious as to how his reading about philosophy and non-Western religion, and his supposed embracing of belief in self-motivated life satisfaction and happiness from within lead to belief in black magic.

I am, however, not so curious that I would want to ever talk to this guy again.

Alas, he was an idiot, but he had this intensity about him that made me afraid to say it to his face lest he cast a hex on me. I mean, even if it really wouldn't do anything, I don't want to be the reason that some poor goat gets sacrificed.

I wonder if my non-belief in his beliefs would allow me to not manipulate reality. I wonder what exactly he meant by manipulate reality; maybe he kept wishing that everyone who met him would think he was a psycho and it happened. I think he said he heard voices. Maybe he's mildly schitzophrenic, like my cousin who talks with Jesus might be. I bet they'd be a good pair to get together in a little room and videotape.

I was working in the security department of a bank when an employee received a voodoo doll with pins stuck in it. Shit happens.

* -- I did a little research. Set, according to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's (see the "Shocking Confessions" page) Legends & Lore book, is "...the jealous personification of evil. He always acts against the interests of mankind...His followers are a dark and scorned lot who work under cover of darkness and keep themselves cloaked in treachery and deceit."

New York City is like a pecan orchard in the autumn, the nuts are everywhere.

Installment June 7, 1997

The other day I was emailed by a member of the Temple of Set in Austrailia, of all places, who wished to clarify that "The Temple of Set does not harm animals or people in rituals". And he helpfully included the URL to The Temple of Set's info site at

Sounds like he feels a bit persecuted, but not many people hold black magicians in especially high regard (myself included, I'm afraid). But I'd still rather stay on the Temple's good side, lest they do whatever it is they do -- without harming animals or humans, of course -- to ME.

So, Best of luck, Leon and all you other online black magicians out there! Just please -- DON'T HURT ME!!!

Installment October 25, 1997

Today I was sent an email by a Wiccen (sp?) who wished that I make note of the difference between white magicians, such as herself, and black magicians, such as members of the temple of Set.

There is a difference between White Magicians and Black Magicians.

I'm not an expert, and I'm afraid of offending either, so I won't begin to say what it is. Although I'd probably still think that anyone in this non-magical universe who believed they were either type of magician was at least a little bit disconnected from reality. Just don't go postal or anything. All the best.

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