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Albert Einstein

Elementary Physics
Extra Credit Assignment

Albert Einstein was a great man, he was. If it hadn't been for him, there would have been no nuclear war stories. I really liked "The Day After" but I only saw it on a black and white TV when I was six years old. Oh well. I read "Alas, Babylon" when I was a kid, it was also pretty good, but I think there weren't enough deaths. I mean, after what Carl Sagan, rest his soul, said about the nuclear winter, we all pretty much know that no one would survive a nuclear war, so what's the point? I guess some crazy terrorists might get a hold of a bomb someday and blow something up just to say, "Hey, we're like, cool," or something, but I hope it doesn't happen in New York, that's where I want to live when I grow up. Why am I taking a physics class, anyway? I'm a psychology major. My dad hoped I might learn something. I think I'm proving him wrong.

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