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The Naked Pilgrims

AzzIzz Theater

Azzizz Theater Music

Also available are CD's of the original music John wrote for two AzzIzz theater dance-plays. Read more about Azzizz on the official AzzIzz web site...

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FourPlay a comedy about an unlikely couple who meet through the personal ads... The music is a very wide variety of instrumentals, ranging from folk and bluegrass to Latin and blues. I (John) played 6 and 12- string guitar, mandolin, bass, conga, some piano/keyboards, and programmed drums on these! I hear it sold out several shows in the Canadian Fringe festival circuit...


i. Opening
ii. Rick's Entrance
iii. Club la Discotheques
iv. Latin Dance
v. Drinking Alone


i. Picnic in the park
ii. Lounge Theme
iii. Lullaby (1.8 MB)
iv. Male Fantasy


i. Bluesy Dilemma
ii. Wally's Entrance
iii. Restaurante Italiano
iv. Wistful Waltz (3.4 MB)

i. Claustrophobia
ii. Calypso Naked (2 MB)
iii. Hula of Seduction
iv. Closing Medley

Bob Bellamy and Erin Dudley
(Photo by Brian McCormick)

Bob Bellamy, Jenny Lambert
and Martin Balmaceda

The Shaft a comedy about three everyday people trapped in an elevator... All of this music is Midi-based synthesizer and drum machine instrumental music, also in a variety of styles, from pop-rock to classical...

1. Elevator Music
2. Blind Love
3. Little Red
4. Happy Bob Song (3.6 MB)

5. Fear of Being Alone (3.7 MB)
6. Miss Clouds Has Her Way
7. The Unveiling (3.5 MB)
8. Goodbyes

If you listen to "The Unveiling", picture a man awkwardly deciding to take off his outer clothes in the sweltering heat of an elevator - after being stuck in it for 2 hours with complete strangers. Then imagine that he's wearing women's lingerie...

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